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Tracking your fitness progress

Sep 30, 2019

CrossFit is tough. Yet, we turn up day in and day out, week after week to slog it out in the gym and battle through that pain barrier. Why? Because of the progress we make.

Progress is the driving force behind our decision to do CrossFit and we see our members progress incredibly with every workout you do. But, it’s also important for you to track your progress. Not only is it hugely motivating, it also means you can look back on old one rep max lifts, benchmark workouts and WODs to see how you’ve progressed.

Just think where you might be in a year… and just imagine how good it’ll feel to look back and see it in writing! Thankfully, tracking your progress at the gym has never been easier.

Whether you’re a digital warrior who loves an app, or more old school journal, here’s some of our favourite ways to keep track:

  1. myWOD app

myWOD is an app available on both iOS and Android and allows you to track completed workouts, graph WODs and PRS, create...

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Catch those Zzz’s! The importance of a good night’s sleep

Sep 09, 2019

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for keeping us healthy both physically and mentally. Having good quality sleep and sleeping habits can boost our quality life and improve our performance in the gym.

That’s because sleep plays a significant role in healing and repairing your body, including your heart and blood vessels. According to The Sleep Council it also helps us maintain a healthy weight, good balance of hormones and keeps our brain working properly.

Sleep lets us learn, remember, solve problems, make decisions, safeguards us against stress and mood swings and most importantly - heals our muscles.

But despite the fact we all sleep, not many of us do it well. While most adults need six to nine hours, many of us struggle to nod off, or find ourselves waking up, so here’s some of our tips for helping you get off into the land of nod:

  1. Routine

Keep regular sleeping hours. By going to bed and getting up at the same time, you’ll be programming your...

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Why ‘I’m too busy to workout’ is an excuse of the past…

Aug 27, 2019

We’ve all said it.

‘I’m too busy to go to the gym.’

‘I just don’t have the time.’

‘There’s no way I’m going to finish work on time.'

Even the most seasoned gym goer has days where they can’t get to the gym - whether it's because of work running over, being away or just because they’re having a bad day - and that’s fine. Just because you haven’t got the time to go to the gym doesn’t mean you can’t burn a few extra calories going about your day!

The key is simple - NEAT - or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. That might sound fancy, but all it really means is energy used for anything that is not sleeping, eating or exercising in a sport like way. Increasing your NEAT throughout your day is easy and it means you’ll burn just a few extra calories.

Here’s some of our top tips on how to do it:

  1. Take the stairs

The most simple way to increase your NEAT is to take the stairs. All...

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Why there’s no shame in scaling

Aug 20, 2019

It’s the beauty of CrossFit, yet the idea of scaling a workout is often seen as a negative.

But, it shouldn’t be. Being able to scale any movement is what makes CrossFit so accessible and what allows elite athletes to complete the Workout of the Day (WOD) alongside beginners.

So why does scaling fill so many of us with horror?

The obvious answer is competitiveness. However, it’s important to remember that getting ‘RX’ on the whiteboard isn’t everything.

There’s a whole host of reasons why you might want or need to scale a workout. Whether it’s because the weight is too heavy, you’re coming back from an injury or you haven’t quite mastered a movement yet (we’re looking at you double unders), scaling a workout can actually be incredibly beneficial.

There should be absolutely no shame in scaling any CrossFit workout. After all, it’s better to be moving than not.

It’s also important to ensure that before...

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Keep drinking....water!

Aug 07, 2019

Summer is here and while we all may be rejoicing at getting to crack open our summer wardrobe and enjoy the heat, there’s one thing most of us are forgetting… to stay hydrated.

Water is important. 60% of the human body is made up of water and dehydration can lead to us feeling tired, cause headaches and give us bad skin.

Experts recommend drinking a minimum of two litres of water per day but in hot weather and when we’re exercising, this becomes even more important as we sweat more and so it become essential for us to replace the fluids lost.

‘But water is boring!’

‘I’ll need the loo every five minutes!’

‘I don’t know how to drink that much water!’

We know staying on top of hydration is hard and so here’s some simple tips to help you increase your water intake and in turn, increase your performance and boost your mood. 

  1. Start the day right


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Holiday! How to keep up your good work while away…

Aug 05, 2019

You’ve worked hard all year. You’ve eaten well, you’ve trained hard and finally the time has come to show off all that hard work because you’re off on holiday! But there’s one thing holding you back - can you really just let go after all those months? What if that two-week all inclusive undoes all that hard work?

Here’s the thing - it won’t! We promise you. It’s important that you can on holiday and enjoy yourself.

Remember, it’s totally fine to take a break from eating well and exercising every now and again. After all, you want to enjoy your holiday and remember the experiences you had - not the fact you were miserable because you were still calorie counting.

But, if the thought of going two weeks without the gym is too much to bear, here’s some ‘travel WODS’ - the perfect holiday workouts – long enough to keep you going but short enough to keep your toe in.

  1. ‘Annie’


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Jul 03, 2019

We’ve welcomed a number of babies to the CrossFit Pendle family over the past few years, so we thought it about time we shared a few tips about exercising while pregnant, in case you’re the next in line ;)

First things first, LISTEN TO YOUR OWN BODY– we can only offer our general advice

First Trimester (up to 3 months)

Little may change as far as your training’s concerned and exercises such as sit-ups and bench press may still be performed should you feel comfortable doing them. As many women choose not to announce their news until after their 12 week scan, no one but you will know, so it may be worth having a quiet word with the coach if you are concerned about any movements. You can trust that we will not share this information with anyone; it’s certainly not our news to share!

If you’ve been doing CrossFit regularly to this point, you can likely continue to use your regular weights—but again, it depends on how you feel. Max effort lifts...

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Team spirit the true winner at gym competition

May 16, 2019

True team spirit was back in play at CrossFit Pendle as we held our third Only The Brave competition, to great acclaim.

Athletes from around the UK arrived at CrossFit Pendle over the weekend to take part in the competition and they were certainly put through their paces!

Taking place over three days, the event had four varying standards so that everyone, no matter what scale, could take part.

CrossFit Pendle owner, Mike Rawson, said: “It really was an incredible event and the atmosphere was electric throughout.

“We pride ourselves on our community spirit at the gym and the weekend was great proof of that community with so many of our members competing, supporting or helping out with judging and scoring.

“Competitors from other CrossFit gyms were warmly welcomed by our own members and they too commented on the atmosphere which made the weekend a success.”

The gym was proud to claim nine of the 21 podium places available over the weekend; one gold, six...

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But did you stretch though?

Apr 15, 2019

Hands up, who’s guilty of this? Do a gruelling workout, collapse on the floor mumbling ‘never again’ then heading straight to the car to drive home.

Did you forget something? YOU DIDN'T STRETCH!

Yep, a lot of us are guilty of neglecting what should be very much part and parcel of your gym session.

You may get away with it for a while, but all of a sudden, those niggling aches and twinges become noticeable injuries; many of which end in unnecessary and time-consuming surgery and recovery time.

Got your attention? Yes, it is sooooo important to stretch pre and post workout in order to keep your muscles flexible and strong.

Here’s 5 good reasons why:

  1. Improves circulation

During an intense workout, your body is pumping more blood around the body and to the heart. Stretching helps cool down the body and return your heartbeat back to a normal pace. It also helps breaks down the lactic acid that has been built up in your muscles during exercise, which means less...

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Exercise your way to happiness

Mar 24, 2019

There is much emphasis today on mindfulness, wellbeing and happiness there’s not a day goes by when you don’t see a quote which reads something like this:



While we may simply scroll past a variety of positive quotes every day, there is a lot we can take from such messages; the key thing for us is that exercise makes you happier.


And here are 6 very good reasons why:

  1. It releases happy chemicals

And that chemical is dopamine, AKA the ‘feel good hormone’. Dopamine is associated with feelings of euphoria, bliss, motivation, and concentration. What’s the best way to increase dopamine production? You guessed it; exercise.

As we get older, we begin to lose our stores of dopamine which is why it is so important to restock the store as much as possible.

Happy chemicals = happy you

  1. It reduces stress

We’ve all had those days when we drag our asses to the gym after a shocking day at work, tired, grumpy and not feeling up for a...

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