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30 Nov, 2021

The importance of learning the basics first!


Ever tried to perform kipping pull-ups or butterfly before even being able to do one strict?

For many when we start Crossfit, we look at other athletes or members who are more advanced and we are tempted to go as fast as possible to get to their level! But often, this means skipping the vital steps that are required first…

Some members, especially beginners, are really excited by enthusiasm to progress quickly, but it’s really important we go through and learn each movement correctly, even the most basic ones! Here’s why…


The fundamental movements exist for a reason, don’t forget that! They allow Crossfitters to always do the workouts with good form, even if you’re doing it as quickly as possible. At the end of the day, only the correct form will improve our number of reps, weight and time. There’s always more for us to learn… the basics of Crossfit are the foundations!

Range of motions

Like we mentioned before, let’s imagine doing butterfly or kipping pull ups without knowing how to do one single strict pull up. A lot of the time, because we don’t fully understand a movement we tend to bypass the basics, rush and end up plateauing or simply getting injured. At Crossfit Pendle, we always want you to be able to 3 strict pull ups before kipping and 5 before butterfly. There’s no exact rule but we must have the basics down first!

Build strength and stamina

Another reason we need to master the basics first is to allow us to acquire enough strength and build stamina to avoid the most common injuries in CrossFit. Yes, kipping pull ups might look good and is an achievement, but there’s every chance not going through the basics will lead to massive regrets when we have to stop, rehab, and go back to strengthen again! Just like with weights, we need to learn the basics of say for example ‘deadlifts’ and build up strength first, before piling on the weights!



You can never be too good at the basics! Even the best athletes go over their basics when they master everything else. Things like time, repetition, fatigue and overtraining can lead to lack of technique. Remember, we can always learn and improve our CrossFit movements by revising the basics!


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