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29 Sep, 2021

Which Crossfit Athlete are you?


At every Crossfit box there’s always a unique mix of members and plenty of characters amongst the community. You get to work out alongside people with similar goals, values and interests!  But no matter where you go, you’ll always find similar types of people at every box. 

Here are the 10 types of Crossfit athletes you’re likely see…

1. The newbie

Often standing there looking confused and slightly disturbed after their first workout, the ‘newbie’ is brand new to CrossFit. Even though they’re mainly not the strongest or fastest, they aways bring  a ‘can-do’ attitude and are keen to learn all the movements. 

2. The warm up dodger

There’s always that one person who always coincidentally needs to use the toilet when the warm up begins, and only comes out when it’s over. These guys aren’t looking to ease themselves into the workout, they’re ready to get going!!

3. The Whiteboard winner

The ‘whiteboard winner’ is the person you’ll hear saying “How many rounds did everyone else get?” or “What weight has everyone been doing” during the class. This person does not like being anywhere but the top of the scoreboard and will do anything they can to try and beat their competition.  

4. The Small But Strong

Great things come in small packages. The ‘small but strong’ is amongst the smallest of the group yet one of the strongest! You’ll see their tiny little frames pick up just as much or even more than people twice their size! 

5. The Chalk Fairy

Poof! Forget fairy dust, at Crossfit there’s chalk dust. You’ll see the ‘chalk fairies’ walking round clapping their hands together surrounded by a white cloud of chalk. These guys use the chalk no matter what the movement is!

6. The Selfie Squad

Did you even workout if you didn’t take a selfie? The ‘selfie squad’ never miss an opportunity for the ‘Gram! Before or after the workout you might be collared to join them for a group workout selfie too. You may also spot ‘the selfie squad’ recording themselves on their phone throughout the workout. 

7. The Strong Mamas

You might see ‘the strong mamas’ run into class, putting their kids in the waiting area with a bunch of snacks and a tablet to keep them occupied. Or you might see them park up their pram next to their workout space. Never the less, the mamas are in the box to get a killer workout done and dusted, so they can return to their mama duties! 

8. The 1,2 miss a few

We all know the ones! The ones that are suspiciously miles ahead of everyone else or the ones where you’re always shocked when they tell you the amount of reps they say they did, in the allotted amount of time. Remember, you’re only cheating yourself guys!

9. The cherry picker

The ‘Cherry Picker’ avoids anything they don’t like. You’ll only see these on the days they ‘like’ the workout or are good a the movements in the WOD. Maybe they’re good at the squat rack but when it comes to WOD full of burpees they crumble! It’s all well and good cherry picking WODs, but you’ll never work on them weaknesses if you don’t show up and tackle them.

10. The marvellous masters

These are the older athletes who consistently show up and are inspiring to us all. In some cases, they’re ahead of their fellow younger members! These guys know that age is only a number! 

So, which type of Crossfit athlete are you? Do you recognise your Crossfit friends? Or are there any that we’ve missed? 


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