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27 Aug, 2021

Leave your ego at the door…


The first thing that any Crossfit box should teach you is to master the techniques and movements first (or at least they should be doing anyway). Mastering the movements is the most important thing before upping the intensity level. However, at Crossfit we all want to get better, faster, stronger, we get confident, which is all good because we want to achieve more, but we want to do this without letting our egos lead the way.

So how do you know if your ego is taking control of your training sessions? Well here’s some things that might happen:

  • You become a bit obsessed with posting higher scores on the leaderboard
  • You’re not finishing the WODs within the time-cap because you went too heavy and you probably should have scaled
  • You’re checking round to see what weight others are doing and adding more on when you find out
  • You skip reps to get ahead of others
  • You bang out all the reps but your form is looking very questionable

Any of these sound familiar?

When your ego takes over you no longer focus on improving your own weaknesses and you forget the basics, so the best thing to do is to leave your ego at the door.

How can we do that?

A little bit of friendly competition is good but the only person you should be really comparing yourself to, is you. Draw your attention away from what everyone else is doing in the gym and focus on yourself.

Forget about what everyone else in the class is lifting or how many reps they’re getting and get your form and technique right. 

You need to remember that there is absolutely no shame in dropping weight to make sure that you’re performing the movements correctly, and once you do perform them correctly and consistently, THEN we can add more weight!

Another thing to remember is that logging your scores and the leaderboard isn’t there so you can compare yourself to someone else and see if you’ve beat them at the workout or the weight. It’s there so you can track your own progress. 

If you leave your ego at the door, stop worrying about the clock or your score and concentrate on technique and form, you will improve considerably! Something to remember next time you walk into the box…


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