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30 Jul, 2021

Why you should get a training partner or workout buddy…


Is working out alone or with someone else better?

Exercising should be fun and something you should enjoy doing. How awkward does it feel walking into a gym and not having any social interaction with anyone!? Thats not fun is it? 


At Crossfit Pendle we think it’s better to have a training partner and here’s why…


Some days you may not feel like showing up or are thinking of quitting, this is when your workout friend can be a great source of motivation. They can boost your confidence and encourage you to keep going, and you can do the same for them too! You’re much more likely to stay committed and motivated with someone there to encourage you.



Working out alone can be boring, having a friend(s) around you will make exercising much more enjoyable. It will help transform working out into something more desirable – a social gathering! 


Working out with your friend can be a form of healthy competition, as well as a great way for the two of you to keep fit. Exercising together will push you to work harder and be more consistent. ‘Competing’ against each other can lead to better performance and results in your workouts because you’ll push yourself harder.


Having someone to spot you when you do squats or bench press, makes working out much safer. You will never again have to count your own reps or approach a stranger and ask them to spot you. Your spotter can also keep an eye on your form as well as help you push through to the reps when you don’t think you can’t do any more.



Having a training partner can help you be more efficient in your workouts. There’s no time for standing around on your phone in between sets when you have someone else relying on you or just someone to talk to!


Not everyone needs a training partner but it’s definitely worth trying it out. At Crossfit Pendle you’ll always have a training partner, in fact you’ll have lots! You’ll never feel lonely or awkward walking into our box. Our CrossFit membership doesn’t mean that you’re just another member of a gym, It means that you are part of our supportive community. The benefits of our community may make you reconsider your solo workouts altogether…


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