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28 Jul, 2022

5 Mistakes Crossfitters Should Avoid


In Crossfit, there are always lessons to learn and mistakes to avoid. CrossFit is a very challenging sport, and it’s almost impossible to master. There are always going to be movements we can do faster and heavier. No matter what stage you’re at – whether you’re a beginner or experienced Crossfitter –  it’s important to avoid mistakes so you can keep safe and healthy. Here’s some common mistakes that you should avoid making…

Cherry Picking Workouts

It’s hard to do what you don’t like but usually what you don’t like doing, is what you need to do. If you only stick to the stuff you’re ‘good at’, you’ll never improve on the things you need to work on.

Sacrificing Form For Reps & Weight

CrossFit can be competitive, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your form to get more reps or more weight than the person in front of you. By neglecting technique, you will cause all sorts of problems with your body and, in the worst case, get injured. Make sure you work on your progressions and technique, and always listen to your coach!

Not Taking Enough Rest

CrossFit is addictive! We all want to improve and better ourselves & not miss any WODs, but over training can lead to burnout and injury. Every athlete is different.  Some can endure more than others,  but remember to to avoid crossing that line, and make sure you schedule in rest and active recovery days.

Failing to Scale Properly

Scaling is another important part of CrossFit and a failure to scale properly is a common mistake. Scaling is unique to every person, which makes it possible for an athlete to complete workouts safely and eat their own capability. All Crossfitters should know that every exercise can be modified to decrease the weight, reps, do an alternative movement and focus on the form. Scaling is really important so you avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Skipping Mobility

Mobility and flexibility are another key part of Crossfit. Skipping mobility, can result in more chance of an injury. As mobility improves your range of motion, focusing on increasing flexibility and mobility, this will prevent injury and encourage faster recovery.

Take Crossfit one day at a time. Focus on form, limiting intensity, and following other best practices. Stay focused on the long-term goal & try to avoid these common mistakes!


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