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31 May, 2022

Crossfit Vs Gym – Which is better for you?


If you’re going to choose one place to go and exercise, you might as well choose the best for you, right?

You could either choose to workout at the gym or at a CrossFit box, but which is right for you? Both places you can choose to workout, but they have some very big differences. Here’s 5 differences between a CrossFit gym and a normal gym…

It’s a BOX not a ‘Gym’

The first thing to note is that it’s not a typical ‘gym’, it’s a box. Why? Because a typical CrossFit box is literally just that. Usually its a basic square shaped room, and only contains the equipment that’s needed.  There is no gym machines and no distractions like mirrors or TV’s. Members take part in coach led classes, learning new kills & strength training whereas at a gym you are most likely left to your own workout programme.

Your time is efficient

Ever feel like you spend way too long at a gym and don’t achieve anything? A CrossFit session generally is about 1 hour long and is already programmed for you before you get there. It is easy to head to a session before or after work and we can guarantee that you will not go away feeling like you haven’t achieved anything afterwards.

The atmosphere

In a CrossFit box, things are a little different. We’re built on the principles of community, which is not only much friendlier than a typical gym, but the great friendly atmosphere is more beneficial to an effective workout. Try to find a more motivating environment – we dare you!

Dedicated coaching in every class

It can really be frustrating when you’re at a gym but don’t know how to work a particular muscle group, what exercises are best to do etc. At CrossFit, there are always fully trained coaches who will guide you through the process of any movement, you could basically say that CrossFit to be a more affordable version of personal training! You’ll get dedicated coaching advice & motivation to get through each of the sessions.

Crossfit is never boring

Going to the gym can be boring and quite repetitive – ZZZZZZZ… Creating your own workout, as well as pushing yourself in the gym, is definitely not as fun as being in a team and having the coach push you and trying to beat your personal best in CrossFit. Everyday is different and challenging.

Crossfit or gym, which should you choose? 

It really depends on your goals and what you want to achieve. Crossfit is fun, exciting, challenging, efficient, and adaptable. The programmes include strength training, cardio, and powerlifting, giving you a variety. The workouts can help you to burn more calories, boost endurance, build up and tone muscles, improve body shape and fitness levels.

What’s your choice?


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