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20 Aug, 2019

Why there’s no shame in scaling


It’s the beauty of CrossFit, yet the idea of scaling a workout is often seen as a negative.

But, it shouldn’t be. Being able to scale any movement is what makes CrossFit so accessible and what allows elite athletes to complete the Workout of the Day (WOD) alongside beginners.

So why does scaling fill so many of us with horror?

The obvious answer is competitiveness. However, it’s important to remember that getting ‘RX’ on the whiteboard isn’t everything.

There’s a whole host of reasons why you might want or need to scale a workout. Whether it’s because the weight is too heavy, you’re coming back from an injury or you haven’t quite mastered a movement yet (we’re looking at you double unders), scaling a workout can actually be incredibly beneficial.

There should be absolutely no shame in scaling any CrossFit workout. After all, it’s better to be moving than not.

It’s also important to ensure that before you add speed, weight and gymnastics movements, you have the basics covered. It’s not worth doing the prescribed weight if you’re going to lose quality of movement as this could lead to injury.

 Scaling a workout means you can ensure high quality movement with high intensity, so you get the best and most effective workout you can.

It absolutely does not mean that you’ve had less of a workout than the ‘RX’ athletes and it doesn’t mean their workout was any better. It simply means you’re at different abilities with different needs.

Smart scaling means more fun, better workouts and improved fitness. Here at CrossFit Pendle we always ensure that we give plenty of scalable options for every workout.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you should be scaling, speak to your coach who can personalise a scale just for you.

 Scaling allows CrossFit to be inclusive for everyone and it’s something to be celebrated!



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