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09 Dec, 2019

But I already run/cycle/swim… how CrossFit can make you better at any sport!


For some people, CrossFit is their sport. But some people already play a sport.

You might be wondering if CrossFit is for you if you already take part in another fitness activity, but we can promise you it 100% is!

Most of us aren’t going to The CrossFit Games, and so for many of us, CrossFit is a fun, functional way to keep fit. Constantly varied, intense and with strength and cardio elements, CrossFit is a fantastic way to build your fitness.

Many of our members already run, cycle, swim or play sports such as rugby, cricket and football. They use CrossFit as a way to enable them to perform better in their sport.

Runners? They might use CrossFit to get faster or go for longer.

Cyclists? They might use CrossFit to improve their fitness so there’s less walking up hills and more pedalling!

Swimmers? They might use CrossFit to improve their strength and endurance.

The list could go on and on!

CrossFit is the perfect complementary training for all other types of fitness. Our expert coaches will be able to discuss your goals with you and help you to train in a way that makes your other sports even more enjoyable.

After all, the fitter and stronger you are, the easier those sports will be!

Why have one or the other, when you can have both!

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