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19 Dec, 2018

Want proof that CrossFit works? Here you go…


If you’re contemplating joining a CrossFit gym in the New Year, but still not 100% sold, let’s have a look at some of our current members’ CrossFit journeys and see if we can get you over the line.

In the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some real-life stories of our members who have not only changed their bodies through CrossFit, they have grown in confidence, which, as a coach is fantastic to see!

Let’s start with…Jonny Doney

Jonny has been with CrossFit Pendle right from the outset and has trained consistently 3-4 times per week for the last 4.5 years.

He knew that fitness went hand in hand with the right diet, but with three small children, one a baby, he found himself struggling to focus on getting the whole package right.

Jonny said: “I’ve always struggled losing weight, but I had hit my heaviest at almost 17 stone. While it had bothered me for some time, it was when I saw pictures of myself on a family holiday in Switzerland that I knew it was time to make a change. And he certainly has!”

(These photos were taken just 12 weeks apart)

The photos became his motivator and Jonny set about adjusting his lifestyle to kick start his weight loss.

He said: “For the first 8 weeks I limited my carb intake to post workouts only, but I was still treating myself to a weekly take away; I was just more sensible about my choices.

“The weight began to shift very quickly and I felt much happier in my own skin, as well as generally having much more energy overall.

“I’ve never felt as fit in my life.”

To date, Jonny has lost almost 3 stone and while he is now maintaining a close eye on calories in and out, he feels he has met a happy balance.

He said: “I’m happy with how I look and feel right now and if I have a takeaway or boozy night I don’t beat myself up; I get back on track the next day. My next goal is a six pack…”

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