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25 Jan, 2019

Spin, Spin, Sugar!


CrossFit Pendle’s spin classes are legendary. FACT.

You may well think you’ve ‘done a spin class’ in the past, but we doubt you’ll have ever ‘done a spin classSteve Backhouse style!

Yes, he shouts, yes, he makes your eyeballs sweat and yes, he pushes you to your absolute limits, but more importantly he gets results.

So, why the hell would I want to sign up for this apparent torture?!

Here’s why….

It burns calories…lots of them

For 45 minutes you are working hard, whether that’s fast and light or slow and heavy, you’re pushing on and you’re pedalling away those calories.

It improves your cardio

Spin classes include both endurance and cardio training, which is good for the heart and helps build stamina in other sports you may enjoy or want to start doing.

You join a community

As you grunt and groan through a gruelling workout you have the full understanding and support of your fellow cyclists, each willing the other over the finish line. You become more than a group of riders – you become a team.

You lower your body’s breaking point

Spinning puts far less pressure on your knees and your feet than other traditional cardio alternatives, so it’s great for rehab from any injury and building strength in weak joints.  

It makes you look better, physically

It doesn’t take long for some of the physical benefits of spinning to start showing up in the mirror. Muscular definition + the loss of unwanted body fat is the perfect motivator to keep on spinning!

It makes you feel better, mentally  

Pushing your boundaries can help you develop a “can-do” attitude and this coupled with the physical changes make for a more positive you!

And finally….

It’s soooo cheap!

There are 8 sessions every week available to our members, on every day but Sunday, so if, for example, you chose to do 4 sessions per week, at £25 per month unlimited membership, that’s about £1.50 PER CLASS!!!

Get yourself booked on! 



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