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01 Apr, 2020



With all the gyms closed it means that many of you will be working out from your home for the time being. Although it’s not convenient and we would much rather be at our box, Crossfit workouts CAN be done from home with or without weights! 

Crossfit workouts are intense and combine all different types of exercises with lots of variety. This means, you can count on a CrossFit to give you a great full body workout 

With a few tips from us, you can make the most of your at-home Crossfit workouts and build some healthy habits along the way…

1. Choose a workout that’s right for you

There’s plenty of Crossfit Home workouts you can choose from if you look online but make sure you pick one that’s right for your ability. If you’re a beginner or never tried Crossfit at all, maybe choose one that offers some easy movements or doesn’t take as long to do! 

2. Fit a home CrossFit Workout into your daily routine

Now that we don’t have the gym to go to, it can be harder to find motivation at home! You don’t have to book onto classes and make a full commitment so, it’s easy to just skip it, right? Instead, try scheduling your workouts into your day and commit to doing it at a certain time. If you’re a morning person, do it first thing before you even start your day. Whatever time of the day works best for you but make sure you’re committed to that time!

3. Get a workout buddy 

You’re going to push yourself harder and be less likely to skip workouts if you have a buddy! If you can’t get your partner, room mate or whoever you’re isolating with to join you, do a workout through video call! At Crossfit Pendle, we are using Zoom to bring the community together and to make workouts more enjoyable too.

4. Get some basic equipment

Although you can just use bodyweight, often Crossfit workouts include some equipment so, if you can get your hands on basic things like dumbbells, kettlebells or even resistance bands. If not, then you could always get creative and use alternative weights such as milk cartons, water bottles and cans!

5. Take a rest day 

If you have a lot of time on your hands at the minute, you may be eager to workout as much as possible but your body still needs some time to recover. Take that well earned rest day!!

The main thing to remember is to enjoy your workouts, it will have major benefits on your mental health whilst we’re in lockdown and also break up your day! 



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