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22 Aug, 2018

Setting An Example For Younger Generations


When we talk about CrossFit, and particularly CrossFit Pendle, as being family-friendly we aren’t just referring to the family charity days or competitions that we hold throughout the year where kids are welcome. We are talking about the gym being a place that encourages our members’ children, grandchildren and younger siblings to come along.

If you speak to any of our members in their late 20s and upwards, the majority will tell you that they are gutted that they didn’t get into CrossFit sooner…and that’s not necessarily their fault, CrossFit is still pretty new in Britain. It’s only really been over the last five years that it has been getting more recognition and we have seen more CrossFit gyms pop up in different locations.

But there’s still that sense of regret that they wish they had something similar available to them when they were growing up – something fun, that tested them and will ultimately got them growing up with a positive attitude towards fitness.

CrossFit Kids – building superheroes

What CrossFit gyms are now doing is pretty much evolving our football and netball-playing youngsters into superfit, superhumans – arming them with the strength and techniques to handle pretty much any physical challenge that’s thrown at them.

At CrossFit Pendle we have kids’ classes that welcome those from the age of 9 upwards – teaching them the basics of weightlifting and gymnastics, with plenty of fun activities throw in!

You’ll often see our members rocking up to the gym at the weekend with little Jonny or Susie with an iPad in hand to keep them entertained whilst mummy or daddy does a class, but it doesn’t take long until their attention is captured and the hooks of YouTube come loose. All they want to do is what mummy is doing – jump on things, hang off things and throw things about…!

Sienna Howorth is just one of our superheroes in training. At just 11 years old, Sienna has got a deadlift PB of 60kg, a clean of 36.5kg and a back squat of 40kg! She’s a regular face at CrossFit Pendle, coming down with her parents Mark and Lisa two times each week. It’s quite an impressive thing to see an 11-year-old with better form and technique than your 30-odd-year-old self who has been doing CrossFit for over three years *shame*! Keep up the good work Sienna! #gamesathleteinthemaking

We live in a country where one in every 10 children that starts primary school is obese and as those children leave primary school, that number doubles. Setting an example and getting our children into an active lifestyle from an early age has never been more important!

And obviously one major perk of the kids’ classes is that it lets the parents work out at the same time…guilt-free fun for the whole family!


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