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03 Sep, 2018

How To Never Diet Again


“Diets starts on Monday…”

We’ve all said it, and we’ve all put it off.
Have you been a yo-yo dieter? From one extreme to the other?
What if I told you there’s an easy way to never diet again? Let’s take a look at how this is possible.

A diet for life

All too often, we race out of the gates. There’s a holiday/wedding/night out planned and we want to look our best.
Three weeks to drop 10lbs. Sound familiar?
This is because we see an immediate goal, and decide to take action. Long term goals can seem off putting and unrealistic to most of us, and that short sharp diet seems like an easy option.
Two days later, you’re tired. Energy levels are low and you’ve had a bad day at work.
What do we do? We reach for the wine…and desert… and a snack.

Start small

I know, you want to see fast results, but would you rather enjoy eating day to day and still look great?
Almost sounds too good to be true.
The trick is to gain a basic understanding of food and how your body works. It’s not that complicated.
Rather than following a set diet, if you understand what you’re eating you get a 24/7 expert on hand – yourself.
You know your body better than anyone. For example, I know that a small pasta dish fills me up, then an hour later it’s like I haven’t eaten and the crisps come out.
I also know that I can use a microwave steamer to cook some tenderstem broccoli in 5 minutes. Whilst that’s in, I cook a steak to my liking, throw some spinach in the pan, and add some cream last minute.
The process of cooking an easy meal, and eating what feels like a luxury, keeps me fuller for longer. It also makes for a great Instagram pic…

No books required

With some simple advice, you can learn how to use the knowledge of your body to smash your body goals.
Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to eat a well-balanced diet day to day and still lose that unwanted body fat… Or put muscle on if that’s your goal.
If you want to know where you’re going, you need to know where you are. I’m not talking about reading a map, but feel free to use that advice there too.
What I’m referring to is knowing your current body composition. This is more than just weight, it includes body fat percent, water weight and muscle.
Body fat percent (BF%) is exactly how it sounds. If somebody weighs 100kg, and their BF% is 30%, then 30kg of their weight is fat. Simple.
So, if this person wants to lose 35kg – they’re going to struggle.
Working out your body composition is a little tricky, so you’d be best to speak with a PT or coach here to help out. This will usually cost you the price of a PT session, expect £25-30 up here in Lancashire, and up to £50 in London.
Burnley has its upside doesn’t it?

Lose lbs, save pounds

Initially, you may need some extra support from a PT or other professional. They’ll help tweak things as you go and help keep you on track.
Prices for this vary, as some coaches will offer online coaching. Expect prices to start from £40 in wonderful Colne, and maybe a little more in Coventry.

Grab a mate

Now, believe me, long term health and avoiding crash diets is definitely achievable. But it’s so much easier with someone on hand to help out.
How many times have you tried to eat better and your other half or friends are trying to force feed you a cheesecake?
Adapting to this new lifestyle, yes the one where you can enjoy cheesecake now and then, is much easier with someone to share your experience with.
A friend on hand to swap tips, give you a boost, or even just have a moan with can make or break your goals.
Tip: Don’t go all out. Discuss the idea with friends over time and help educate them in the same way you learnt.

Life hack

The above is definitely possible. Loads of our members have done exactly that.
If you want to kick start the process, and save £100+, our group may be the answer you’ve been looking for.
We’ll be holding an evening of lifestyle and nutrition on Wednesday 12th September.
Chris Cothliff is an expert in this field, with years of experience and education behind him. Hailing from Liverpool, Chris has now settled in Lancashire, choosing Barrowford as his nest – just a stone throw from the gym.
The course includes:
Body composition measurements – have an expert carry these out your body composition measurements to help choose an achievable goal. A month later, Chris will be on hand again to track how progress you’ve made.
Private Facebook motivational group – For those starting the journey together, this group will be sharing pains and gains. There’ll be coach support to answer any questions you have. You’ll have access to Chris’ knowledge as you need it to catch any early hiccups.
Seminar booklet – All the knowledge from the evening will be printed off for you to reread as many times as you need. This is your booklet, so you’ll be able to add notes as make it your own.
This course can be broken down into as much, or as little support as you need. No ‘one size fits all’ here.
Bronze – £15
Access to the evenings seminar, to give you the knowledge to hit your goals
Silver – £20
30 day challenge booklet to have the information in your hand, use this to revise your goals and keep on track
Gold – £25
Seminar, booklet and access to coach support and private Facebook group. If you want to hit your body goals, and have the best start your journey, this is the package for you.
Ready to achieve that dream body, long term health and be able to enjoy food day to day? Sign up here, or send us a message for anymore information.

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