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28 Nov, 2018

I’ve failed AGAIN!!!


Did you know that less than 10% of people actually stick to their New Year’s Resolutions?

And then beat themselves up for being a failure.

The problem is we put so much pressure on ourselves to work harder, train harder, lose weight, blah, blah, blah, it’s no surprise that we can rarely keep up with our own expectations.

So, here’s a suggestion… how about ONE New Year’s Resolution this year that will actually do all of the above and more.

Yep, you know what I’m going to say…


Because, by making this your one New Year’s Resolution for 2019, you are actually achieving so many of the other goals you normally have on your list.

Let’s explore them…


Check, checkity, check. You joined a gym as so many people do in January. But joining is one thing, going is another. The beauty of CrossFit is that before you can start throwing any weights about you have to attend an introductory session.

These are either group or one-or-one coaching sessions demonstrating the moves and giving you the chance to ask any questions and potentially meet other ‘newbies’ feeling exactly like you do.

You’re now good to go.


Yes, you joined, but you need to go now! The beauty of CrossFit is that everything is class based and every day is a different workout. Book on and you don’t have to think about what workout you’re going to do that day; you just rock up and we’ll tell you!

Let’s face it, so many of us have gone to the gym and half-heartedly ‘worked out’ when really we haven’t even broken a sweat.

No danger of that here, you are working to the clock, but don’t worry everything is completely scalable.

And you’re working out with a full team of people all encouraging each other along.


People think that losing weight is the answer to all their prayers. “If I lost weight, I’d be happier”. Not if losing weight means you’re surviving on a couple of lettuce leaves and green tea. How about we flip losing weight for ‘body confidence’?

Trust us, after a few months of CrossFit you feel so much more body confident when you start to see muscle definition begin to appear. And if you don’t believe us, have a look at what our members say.


It is a proven fact that exercise stimulates the brain, so if you’re working out, you’re on fire! Not only do you feel better physically after a good workout, you feel mentally charged too, and ready to tackle the day (or night) ahead.


Some people call CrossFit a cult, we prefer to call it a community. From the minute you set foot in our gym, you are a welcome member of that community and people fall over themselves to make you feel comfortable.

Don’t know where the kettlebells are? Someone will show you. Not sure of a movement? Ask a coach, they won’t make you feel daft. We hold our own fun competitions which everyone loves getting involved in, (or watching) as well as a series of social events to get to know people better.

So, there you have it, 5 things checked off right there.

Get yourself down! 


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