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01 Jun, 2020



When the weather is nice outside, you’d rather meet up with friends, have a few drinks after work, or just sit and relax in your back garden…it can be hard to get yourself motivated to workout! 

No matter what your excuse is, here’s some tips to help you stay on track this summer…

1. Workout early in the morning

If you usually get towards the end of the day and you start to make excuses as to why you can’t workout, then try and fit it in first thing so it’s over & done with before your day has even really started. This way, not only will it be cooler at that time of day but you can enjoy the rest of your day knowing you’ve already completed your workout!


2. Keep hydrated

Being dehydrated can leave you feeling unmotivated causing  your energy levels to drop, give you headaches and generally leave you feeling lethargic and often grouchy! None of which, will inspire you to go and exercise. Make sure you hydrate, before, during and after your workouts!


3. Take your workout outside

It’s been shown that there’s lots of benefits from exercising outside, including improvement of mental health & boosting your mood. Why not go out for a run, take your workout to the park with a friend or just get out in your garden & enjoy the greenery. Plus, getting outdoors is a great way to get that all important dose of Vitamin D!  


4. Workout with a partner or friends to hold you accountable

Do you have a friend or partner who also wants to stick to their goals? Make them your workout buddy! When someone is relying on you to be somewhere or do something, you feel much more inclined to show up and it’ll will motivate you to push through. 


5. Sign up to classes

Another way to keep yourself on the right track and accountable, is to sign up & book yourself on to classes. Once you’ve booked on to something, you’re less likely to back out last minute. Signing up to a class also allows you to meet new people & get yourself, so you’ll start to look forward to seeing your friends again, catching up and spending time together.


Remember, it’s ok to indulge a little and enjoy your summer BBQ’s and drinks with friends BUT just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean your workouts should take a holiday too. At Crossfit Pendle we are focused on keeping our members motivated, fit & healthy all year round! 



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