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03 Jul, 2020



It’s safe to say that throughout lockdown, many of us have taken up some new hobbies and formed different habits. Even though there has been many hard times throughout the COVID pandemic, there has also been some positives to take away…

Lockdown has given us time to appreciate things that we usually take for granted! We have been getting outdoors and enjoying the countryside, spending more time with our families and appreciating the gorgeous weather we’ve had! We have been finding new things to fill our time such as baking or gardening and we’ve learnt to shop at & support our local businesses! 

So, are you going to keep up these habits now that normal life is starting to resume or will you go back to old ways? Here’s some healthy habits we think should be kept up…


1. Time for self-care

Whether it’s exercise which is essential for both physical and mental health, making some time to read a book, doing  yoga or mobility exercises or even taking a long bath, we have realised through this period, that we need to spend more time on self-care.

2. Spend more time with family

Many of us have been very lucky throughout lockdown, having all the comforts of home and families who are being able to spend more quality time together. It has given us a definite opportunity to reconnect, create memories and evaluate our priorities.

3. Get outside more 

Through spending more time outdoors, we’ve been enjoying the beautiful countryside and discovering things that have been on our doorstep all along! There’s plenty of health benefits of being outdoors & getting fresh air, including boosting your mood and having impact on your overall health.

4. Stop stressing about things that aren’t important

If coronavirus has taught us one thing, it’s that we cannot control everything in our life! We also need to prioritise the things that actually matter to us.

5. Keep up the community spirit

From weekly claps for the NHS and helping our elderly, to getting to know our neighbours better, we have come together as communities all over. Community is a huge part of us here at Crossfit Pendle and it’s something we believe to be very important. 

6. Try more new things

Throughout lockdown we’ve been doing more things that we wouldn’t usually, like cycling, baking, zoom quiz nights, and hiking. Trying new things means you get to experience something different. Let’s push our comfort zone more often and try new things!

7. Enjoy the little things

Another important lesson that the pandemic has taught us is to enjoy the little things. As small as they may be, often they make life better, from just grabbing your favourite coffee from the coffee shop to enjoying the scenery on daily walks. It’s the simple things in life!


What healthy habits are you bringing out of lockdown with you? Are you considering making those part of your normal routine? 


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