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15 Apr, 2019

But did you stretch though?


Hands up, who’s guilty of this? Do a gruelling workout, collapse on the floor mumbling ‘never again’ then heading straight to the car to drive home.

Did you forget something? YOU DIDN’T STRETCH!

Yep, a lot of us are guilty of neglecting what should be very much part and parcel of your gym session.

You may get away with it for a while, but all of a sudden, those niggling aches and twinges become noticeable injuries; many of which end in unnecessary and time-consuming surgery and recovery time.

Got your attention? Yes, it is sooooo important to stretch pre and post workout in order to keep your muscles flexible and strong.

Here’s 5 good reasons why:

  1. Improves circulation

During an intense workout, your body is pumping more blood around the body and to the heart. Stretching helps cool down the body and return your heartbeat back to a normal pace. It also helps breaks down the lactic acid that has been built up in your muscles during exercise, which means less pain the day after!

  1. Minimises pain

While stretching post workout may not completely eradicate any aches and pains, it does minimise it and makes the pain more bearable. Think of all those times when you’ve felt sore to touch after a gruelling workout – and then think; did I stretch after that one? You’ll probably find the answer is no.

  1. Increases energy levels

When you have been a model fitness machine and actually done your stretching post workout; how did you feel? Generally, those who stretch feel a spike in energy levels and feel ready to go again. That’s because when the body has cooled down, the brain receives signals to release feel good endorphins. 

  1. Enables muscle tone

While stretching helps reduce fatigue and muscle soreness, it also leaves the muscles pumped and ready to go for the next workout. Giving your body the chance to cool and down and recover properly is a major factor for maintaining a healthy and active body and saves it from impending injury!

  1. Increases muscular coordination

Regular stretches can help your muscles work in together in sync. This allows greater mobility in certain muscle groups which is very handy for those who partake in functional training like CrossFit.

It doesn’t take long to stretch those muscles and prepare your body for the next workout. So, take heed and STRETCH!


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