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29 Oct, 2019

ALL THE GEAR… 8 essential pieces of CrossFit gear!


All the gear but no idea? Or maybe just no gear and no idea where to start?!

The market is full of CrossFit gear from specialist socks right through to mobility aids and supplements. Knowing what to buy to help make life easier and improve your performance in the gym can be a minefield so we’ve had a look inside some of our member’s gym bags to find out what some of the best pieces of gear are.



You’ll see many of the members around the gym wearing CrossFit Pendle branded clothing. You maybe wondering where you can get such items. It maybe that it makes you feel more apart of the team/box. Or maybe you just appreciate fine gym wear when you see it. Ha. Either way there’s loads to choose from via the RebelUK website under the CrossFit Pendle affiliate section.


Having a pair of decent trainers specially designed for CrossFit style workouts can make all the difference. CrossFit specific shoes are hybrid shoes designed to be good at everything from lifting to running and offer great support for the foot, a solid sole and reinforced areas for climbing ropes.

There’s two main brands you should look at – Nike Metcons and Reebok Nanos. Both are popular, high quality, CrossFit shoes. There are other brands too like NoBull and Inov8 and you can of course train without the need for fancy footwear. The most important thing is that your trainers are durable, comfortable and support you as you move. 


‘Lifters’ are weightlifting shoes that are perfect for helping you to lift heavy weights. Lifting shoes will help you to perform better lifts and offer heel support when squatting. There’s a wealth of entry-level shoes available from Reebok, Nike and Adidas. They all do the job- find some for a good price, with good reviews that you like the look of & you won’t go far wrong.


Want to get double-unders? While we have plenty of ropes for you to borrow, the best way to master the double-under is to practice and that’s easier with your own rope! You’ll get use to how it feels and will be able to practice away from the gym. There’s plenty available on the market.  Some of our favourites are MurgsSGF Speed RopesCyclone Speed Ropes and RX Gear Ropes but any good speed rope will get you started! Use ChrisC10 to get 10% off at Murgs.


One of the most vital pieces of kit? A water bottle! Staying hydrated whilst working out is important. Good hydration helps you to recover, stay healthy and improves your performance. Being dehydrated can lead to a reduced output and muscle cramps so it’s well worth bringing a water bottle! 


Got weak wrists? Invest in some wrist straps.  They’ll help to keep your wrists stable and there’s a wide variety of designs on the market – some with elastic and some without. Mobility Tools do a wide variety, or if you fancy a funky design why not head over to Etsy? Amazon also have a great choice that do the trick. 


Knee Sleeves are perfect if you have a weakness in your knee and can offer more support when squatting by warming the joint. They will slide on over pants and the added compression will provide support when performing heavy or high volume squats thus reducing pain. We like the Rebel and Murgs ones – again use code ChrisC10 for 10% discount at Murgs or Chris10 for discount at Rebel.


We’ve all ripped our hands at some point – it’s sore, painful and not pleasant to look at. So, why not invest in some gymnastic grips? There’s lots of different designs on the market made from a wealth of materials and some even double up as wrist straps. We recommend Murgs & Bear Complex, perfect for high volume gymnastics or for those of you who can’t have open wounds on your hands due to work.

Of course, not all of these things are essentials, but they can help to improve your performance. If you want more information on what equipment to use speak to one of our coaches. We can offer advice and recommendations tailored to you.


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