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Classes For Everyone, Regardless Of Ability.

Choose from a wide range of CrossFit Classes delivered by our qualified and experienced CrossFit Pendle fitness coaches, we cater for all abilities no matter what.


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CrossFit is described as ‘varied functional movements performed at a high intensity’. The WOD (workout of the day) is typically between 10-20 minutes and changes each day meaning it’s fun, different, no two days are the same and adaptable for all abilities. 

The workouts vary but consist of movements that incorporate gymnastics, running, weight lifting, rowing, kettlebells, dumbbells and much more. 

The hour class is taken by a qualified coach who is there to help and encourage you throughout the process. The class is sectioned into a warm up, strength or accessory work and then an intense workout, which can be adapted to suit all fitness abilities. The idea is to scale the workout so the weight and exercises are tailored to you and allow you to take on a workout which is challenging yet rewarding. Members are encouraged to log their times and scores in an app, so they can track progress and see improvements achieved over time. 



This is a partner workout, that tends to be lighter weights and more reps to enhance a persons metabolic conditioning. This is generally a 25-30 minute workout where you can split the reps between your pair with only one person usually working at any one time. You can typically expect most CrossFit movements in this workout however we do not use barbells, meaning there is no heavy lifting. This is a class more suitable for beginners who are a little anxious at first about lifting the heavier barbells. However, this class is also very popular with veteran members who prefer this type of workout with a partner. 


Our strength and power classes are designed to improve your Olympic weight lifting technique. The class enables you to practice movements such as the squat, deadlift, snatch and pressing, all under a controlled environment under the eye of a trained coach. 

This class is suitable for all abilities, and the skills developed help members to excel in other classes we offer. 


This is a class designed to improve endurance and your ability to keep going in those longer workouts. This is usually a more gruelling workout as individuals lasting approximately 25-30 minutes. The workout has more of a cardio focus making you sweat and work hard for long periods of time. A great class for all abilities designed to also test your mental strength.



This is a partner workout, where you will either pick your own partner or the coach taking the class matches you with someone friendly and of similar ability. If there is an odd number, a team of 3 will be created. This is generally a 25-30 minute workout where you can split the reps between your pair with only one person usually working at any one time. You can expect typical CrossFit movements in this workout including all gymnastic and barbell movements. This class is extremely popular with our current members. 


Gymnastics is a class specifically aimed at members still trying to progress core CrossFit movements such as the kipping pull up, handstand push ups, toes to bar and pistol squats. Core work and some other basic progressions of the more complex movements such as muscle ups may also be programmed but in a way that is accessible and suited to all abilities. 

This class is taken by a skilled coach, and is designed to break down each movement, looking at what is involved in more depth and working through drills to improve each element of the movement. 

Gymnastics is a fundamental part of CrossFit but the skills learnt can also influence your every day life, making this a popular class with our members.  



Team up is available on a Saturday and Sunday and is a class where members are split into teams of 3 to work through an intense workout of 25-30 minutes. 

Members can choose their own teams, or the coach will put you in a team with others of similar ability. This is a fun class, which incorporates all CrossFit movements including gymnastics and weight lifting. The rep schemes tend to be higher, and it is a real team effort to get through the workout together, playing to each other's strengths. 


Yoga is the perfect pairing to any CrossFit class, as it helps with muscle tightness and soreness and speeds up recovery. 

Our yoga sessions take place once a week, on a Tuesday evening. The class is run by an external qualified instructor and work through typical yoga movements in a calm and relaxed environment. 

This class is great for members who struggle with mobility and balance issues, and it helps members to focus on breathing techniques - all of which come in handy when lifting barbells and tackling a CrossFit workout. 

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