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Top Tips For The CrossFit Beginner...

Jul 31, 2018

Whilst we don’t want to teach our new members to “suck eggs” – as the saying goes – the vast range of different movements and exercises involved in CrossFit means that some tips from the community are great to help new members settle in a bit more easily and crack on with working out and getting fitter.

To help us out, we asked some of our members what advice they would give to a new member of CrossFit Pendle. And, to make things a little bit more interesting, the members in question are all from the same family…introducing the Gill siblings... pictured here in their first CrossFit competition together! When they first started the girls especially didn't want to lift weights for fear of getting bulky - just look at them now!!


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Name: Victoria Gill (the big sister)

Age: 26

Joined CrossFit Pendle: June 2015

Top tip 1:

Attend the gymnastic classes – they are a massive help if...

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No SORRY, I’m Not Fit Enough For CrossFit Pendle!

Jun 18, 2018

PICTURE THE SCENE: You meet up with a friend that you haven’t seen in a while. They are looking great, you compliment them and casually ask them what it is they have been doing to get into such good shape.

Friend: “I’ve joined a new gym. You should come down with me, they run FREE Taster Sessions for beginners.”

You: “Yeh, sounds good. Which one is it?”

Friend: “CrossFit…”

You: “Whoah, no I’m no way near fit enough. Maybe in a few months when I have gotten a bit more active.”

Getting fit before you join a gym? It’s like tidying up before the cleaner arrives. It makes no sense at all.

There are generally three types of people who join us at CrossFit Pendle:

1 >> Those who come from an already athletic background – weightlifting, gymnastics, circuit training etc. These people tend to already be able to do most movements to a pretty high standard but benefit greatly from the advice and guidance...

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