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30 Apr, 2021

Why Crossfit is for everyone…


CrossFit can be used to achieve pretty much any goal, from improved health to weight loss or better performance. The Crossfit program works for everyone, from people who are just starting out to  people who have trained for years!

If you’ve seen the CrossFitters on Instagram or competitions on TV, full of men and women with physical perfection, then you might think that their workouts are impossible for you to do. However, the contests on TV are for top competitors and assuming that you aren’t looking to become the next top Crossfit games champion, the average person can still be fully capable of Crossfit workouts. 

Here’s 5 reasons why Crossfit can be for everyone…

1. The workouts can be scaled to suit you

Scaling modifies the movement to fit your goal. So for example, the experienced members might be trying to improve strength and might be lifting the maximum weight. Whereas if you’ve only just started, you may just be working with an empty bar for a while. The coaches who take the class can modify exercises to suit your goal, so if you’re recovering from a leg injury, the coach may take away all the leg movements from your workout and just concentrate on arm movements.


2. It’s based on Functional fitness

At CrossFit, the workouts are functional exercises that are designed to help you perform everyday tasks. For example, ‘the squat’ is what you do when you pick something up or lift a package from floor. It helps exercise multiple body parts at the same time, such as your legs, abs, and back, and improves both your strength and balance. Doing these movements in Crossfit will help make things like this easier in day to day life.


3. Small Classes

Class sizes can be small, which makes CrossFit like personal training. If you come to a popular class time, yes, there will be more members at your workout but even when it’s packed, there won’t be too many people in the same space. This allows the coach to pay attention to each individual. In Crossfit classes coaches won’t hesitate to offer personalised advice to help you push yourself safely or scale down if you’re struggling. This kind of personal attention is hard to come by unless you book 1-1 PT’s so, it’s one of the perks of coming to Crossfit.


4. The community 

Most people will be able to tell you, there’s nothing like a Crossfit community! When you’re trying to push through the same workouts together each day, you develop a relationship that you can’t get elsewhere. You encourage each other when one of you is tempted to quit. At Crossfit Pendle, we’re all in it together and the community tends to extend outside of the box too.

5. Measurable results

The WODs are scored using time to complete, rounds completed, reps completed etc. When you track your results within the app we use and repeat these workouts, you can very easily see how your fitness is improving. It’s difficult to stay motivated when you just go through the motions, so training your body with purpose and seeing measurable results is far more effective.


The best way to find out how CrossFit works is to come & give it a go! You can even try out one of our beginners classes free of charge to experience what Crossfit Pendle can offer you…



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