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31 May, 2021

The difference between ‘Training’ and ‘Working out’…


Did you know there was a difference between ‘Working out’ and ‘Training’?

For a lot of people, exercise and training is basically the same thing. However, in reality, exercise and training are very different…

The actual difference between exercise and training is based on how you approach the activity, not the actual activity itself. Here’s what we mean…


Working out 

When we work out, we do it to keep ourselves healthy,  in shape and burn calories. Each workout is performed for the purpose of burning calories, getting hot, sweaty, out of breath, stretching etc. Working out or exercising is done purely to accomplish this. If you’re just working out, then there’s no need to put too much pressure on yourself and if you want to scale the movements then do so!



Training on the other hand is different! When someone says that they are training, it means that are actively trying to improve something or work towards something. For example, this could be training to compete in a Crossfit competition. 

Runners might train for marathons or an athlete might train to succeed in their sport. They are still obviously exercising whilst they train. But when we train, we train for something! Training is intense, requires focus, commitment and takes hard work.

If your main priority is just to maintain your health, then simply exercising will enough for you. However, if you want to better at something or get ready to compete in something then you need to be training.

So, are you training or working out? 


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