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It's not me, it's you....

Feb 14, 2019

Dear mainstream gym,

I’m sorry to choose Valentine’s Day to tell you this, but the thing is…I’ve found someone else and we just hit it off.

For a while now I’ve felt that you just don’t get me. I turn up, we go through the motions and then I leave again feeling, well, a bit deflated, I’ll be honest.

I keep willing you to make a change, challenge me and spur me into action, but, you never do. I don’t think you care anymore.

I felt something was missing… that spark and passion, the need to come and see you every day.

Sadly, as time goes on I just keep making excuses not to visit you.

It was during these times that I found myself looking for something new; and I’m sorry to tell you that I think I’ve finally found ‘the one’.

It’s called CrossFit – yes I know what you’re thinking; it’s just a crush, a whim, it’ll never last, but I seriously think it will.

I can’t wait to get there at the end of the day or first thing in the morning and as soon as I walk through the door my mood has lifted.

I feel challenged, I feel strong, like I can take on the world and I have only felt this way since CrossFit has been at my side.

Every time we meet it's new and exciting; I enjoy the anticipation of our next date and always leave fulfilled. 

The more time we spend together, the more I want to visit and I’ve made loads of new friends through our relationship; everything seems to have just clicked.

It’s unlikely that our paths with cross ever again; so, I truly hope you find happiness with someone who you just click with too.

Your ex-Valentine


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